Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hospitals: Mako's adventures

I wonder if Mac visits these places too. Monday I went and met Miss Jane & Ukon at the Rehab hospital. She is a good snuggler. Ukon is not thrilled with little puppies. I'm not little-but same idea.I went to Andrea's work for a birthday party. Another hospital, different smell. They had dog treats there. Nice place.
Today I went to the emergency room with Andrea's grandma. New hospital, new smells. I was so quiet no one even knew I was there. Then we walked out to go home. All the nurses waved at me and told me I was handsome.

Reporting in, Mako

Monday, September 28, 2009

Mako reporting in

Hi this is Mako- Mac's big Bro. Mac is on vacation at my house. I'm new to this blogging thing but I'll give it a try. After the big party I came to this house. There was this pretty labby girl here named Aussie. I like her a lot. I want her to by my girlfriend. She thinks I am a pest.
I went to an Art Fair. I met Bree. She said she was Mac's girlfriend. Why does he get all the cute girls?
There was a sweet baby named Ainsley.

We played together.
One day I will help someone. I don't think I will be the driver then.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Puppy appreciation day

Mom and I went to a big party at college. All my friends & family were there. We played games and got treats. I tried to eat the tootsie roll poops on the golf course while Mom was putting. We had demonstrations for bomb dogs & Frisbee dogs. Looked like fun to me. I saw my siblings again. Major Mako Maui. No Marley. PollyMiss Amy give good tummy rubs.Bree & Sobe Surprise- I saw my daddy Logan. He is a handsome dude. Not very tall but a HUGE head & chest! Must be where I get my good looks.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tiger paws & sea legs

Mom is trying to wear me out. She is doing a good job! Friday I went to my first ballgame. I practiced my stays.There were so many things I had to leave alone. Popcorn on the floor was the hardest! I drooled a little.I didn't get scared when everyone clapped and cheered. I stayed down when everyone did the wave.
Then we went on a boat ride with my friends down the Clinton river. I liked it a lot. See my big boy teeth. They're shiny & new I liked to watch the birds. I even got a little wind in my face. I tried to help the captain with the ropesBree, Brady & Lex came too. I was a pretty day for a boat ride