Saturday, August 8, 2009

Getting Bigger & Smarter

I really am getting bigger. It's hard to tell next to Fallon. She's growing too.I went to Bay City to help out at the PAWS booth. The whole place smelled like ribs. What torture. All I got were some milkbones & ice cookies I didn't mind getting lots of pets & smooches.
Cisco collected the cash.
I just looked cute.
Here's my "give me money" face.
It's very similar to "give me treats" face
Mom had a fancy name tag for me.
Even though I am MAX size, I'm still a Mac.
As I grow I'm still looking for new adventures. I was thinking Mom might not notice the toilet paper is gone if I just nibble the edges. I got caught in the act. Now the paper has a Penny in the Can trap. More fun spoiled!
Even my pitiful face couldn't save me.
Then I tried to help out with the dishwasher. Another plan foiled. Aussie told me to do it. She acts all innocent.

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